Individual Therapy

Making an effort to seek help is a brave step - one that can bring healing, growth and change. We all have a shared experience of life's challenges, but sometimes we lack the support and tools to manage the inherent struggles.  Yet, out of these difficulties can grow new beginnings.


Whether you are feeling anxious, sad, stressed or stuck, individual therapy offers a safe place for you to explore your inner world and gain new insights and skills.  Therapy is a collaboration and I am here to listen and help you on your unique journey with compassion, empathy and trust.   


Issues I commonly work with: 

Depression & Anxiety


Stress Management 

Compassion Fatigue

Emotional Regulation

Life Transition 

Relationship Challenges



Body Image


Parenting Challenges 

Divorce & Separation 

Women’s Issues 

Trauma & Recovery 

Grief & Loss 

Life Purpose

Spiritual & Personal Growth 



Teletherapy sessions are offered to anyone in the state of Oregon, thus providing accessibility and convenience when it is challenging to get into the office.  No travel time, no getting stuck in traffic, and it is a great way if you're not feeling quite well to drive to the office.  Before we began teletherapy, we will discuss if this option is appropriate for your needs. 

Katrina Clark, MSW, CSWA

4431 SE Woodstock

Portland, OR 97206

If you are experiencing a crisis or mental health emergency, please call one of the following numbers:  Multnomah County Crises Line at (503) 988-4888; Clackamas County Crises Line at (503) 655- 8585; Washington County Crises Line (503) 291-9111; or the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1 (800) 273-8255